101 Central Park West
167 East 67th Street
60 Sutton Place
301 East 78th Street
40 East 61st Street


When lobbies are done well, they can last generations with little intervention.  We bring our care and expertise in designing timeless, elegant and durable visions for your building.

101 Central Park West60 Sutton Place167 East 67th Street301 East 78th Street40 East 61st Street
1 5th Avenue
1095 Park Avenue
1 Lincoln Plaza
1185 Park avenue

Residential Amenities

Residential amenities are where you and your neighbors go to get away from their personal space while still feeling they are at home.  We know how to make them at home.

1 5th Avenue1095 Park Avenue1 Lincoln Plaza1185 Park avenue
1 Lincoln Plaza
8 East 83rd Street
Millenium Tower
The Bromley


We do halls right.  When completed they uplift the spirits of your neighbors and make their day subtly brighter.

1 Lincoln Plaza8 East 83rd StreetMillenium TowerThe Bromley


We take your building's streetscape and transform the it into a spectacular moment for your residents arrival into the building.

15 West 63rd Street167 East 67th StreetRoyal York
15 West 63rd Street
167 East 67th Street
Royal York

Concierge Desks

Sometimes your lobby is nearly perfect and just needs a small touch to refresh its character and update its security.

1050 5th Avenue301 East 63rd Street101 Central Park West3 East 75th Street35 East 85th Street
1050 5th Avenue
301 East 63rd Street
101 Central Park West
35 East 85th Street
3 East 75th Street


Elevators need to have a carefully crafted relationship between the lobby and halls while remaining durable and easy to maintain.  Eca has designed and seen through construction dozens of elevator cabs.

815 Park Avenue1050 5th Avenue29, 35, 45 East 9th Street301 East 63rd Street
815 Park Avenue
1050 5th Avenue
29, 35, 45 East 9th Street
301 East 63rd Street