101 Central Park West

Lobby Renovation

101 Central Park West is indeed the grand dame of the Upper West Side. This pre-war lobby stretching the full block was relentlessly classical and over colorful in all the wrong places.

The Building engaged us to update the aesthetic, wanting to light up what was a dark lobby and to address functional issues related to the location of the concierge desk. The design goal was to tone down the heavy-handed traditionalism moving to a more transitional atmosphere that is warmer, fresher and of a more current character. In addition, as a full block the lobby halls were long and lacked definition.

We addressed the flat ceiling syndrome by raising the central entry to create a lifted cove with LED lighting and punctuated the north and south lobbies with ceiling fixtures. We relocated the concierge desk to the south side of the Vestibule and enlarged it so that it can handle the security/communications to properly serve the shareholders while maintaining the look of a piece of furniture. The lighting and furnishings package are transitional in style.