The ECA Origin

In 1989, we started with a simple task: to redesign a bedroom. This modest project transformed how we consider our work, especially in terms of organizing and giving meaning to chaos.  After the project was completed, our client told us that every morning she awoke in the room, she did so with a smile, knowing that this space unique, one of a kind, and entirely tailored to fit her style. Ever since that first project, we’ve strived to replicate that smile with every new endeavor.  We don’t want to just design spaces, we want to help our clients find their home.

Lobby with sofa.

Year 1
Early Residences

We are proud to say that residential architecture and building has always been our focus.  At the beginning, we were designing country homes, guest houses, apartments, and pied-à-terres throughout the tristate area.  As the first decade of our practice developed, we began to focus more and more on NYC, our home.  We knew we wanted to make our city, our neighborhoods, and our home better and more modern, so that’s just what we did.

Year 10
Focused on Co-Op’s

By our tenth year in business, we were focusing on Manhattan residential buildings, their apartments, and their common areas.  We think of each project as unique and personal to the building and the collective shareholders / owners.  At this time, we realized the importance of ensuring the safety of our residential structures and overall neighbor relations to improve security and enhance the community. From there, ECA began our work consulting for buildings as experts in apartment alterations and their potential impact on building systems, structure, and neighbor relations.

Year 20
Transforming Co-Op’s and Condo’s

By our second decade in business, we had completed dozens of NYC lobbies and hallway renovations, which allowed us to build a reputation around our level of expertise, care, and creativity put into each and every project. As designers, we continued to create common areas that are functional, elegant, and timeless. We grew as consultants specializing in advising Property Managers and Board Directors on apartment alterations.  Our expert guidance and team building began to touch everything from minor bathroom renovations to penthouse extensions and combinations.  We developed an inhouse training and mentorship process to ensure each of our designers and consultants carried or could attain the collective knowledge.

Year 30+
Engaging our History and Serving You

Through thirty years of building, our personal voice in the NYC residential arena has allowed us to keep refining our design skills and understanding of materials.  We continue to focus on the home in terms of how special it can be, while ensuring that our clients are engaged in the process.  We push the meaning of home, what it includes, and how it can be better.  We strive to train the next generation of leaders in this market and partner with likeminded consultants and clients moving forward. As designers and consultants, our continued goal is to grow our clients’ trust in our expertise and guidance.  Join others; reach out!