Celebrating 30 years of success in design & consulting for co-ops & condos.

We are seasoned at providing long-term design solutions to keep your building attractive and competitive in the marketplace.

Co-Op & Condo Common Areas

Residential Amenities
Concierge Desks
7 Park Avenue
10 West 86th Street
128 Central Park South
101 Central Park West
Quogue Residence

For new or long-time homeowners looking to renovate, we provide design solutions that fit your lifestyle. Our experience allows us to navigate you through the often-tricky Board and City approval process.


Alteration Reviews
Master Planning
Inclusive Design

We provide a broad range of residential services. From planning to design, to technical expertise. Each one supports and influences the other and better helps us logically advocate and envision for your needs.


About Us

Our goal is to help craft spaces that, years from now, spark the same joy as they did on day one. In order to do that we strive to be more than just designers—we work to build strong partnerships with our clients hearing them creates unique designs.

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