The Bromley — Solarium

Gut Renovation

The Solarium, located on the 23rd floor of the Bromley, offers the only public outdoor space in the building at this time.  While small, the existing space and terrace were filled with miscellaneous furniture and décor donations from residents and lacked any cohesive design or appeal. It needed a refresh.

After a successful hallway renovation, ECA began work on the Solarium amenity space. ECA’s goal was to tie this forgotten space back into the building and to make the space more usable and inviting for residents.

The new glass paneled door into the Solarium, makes the connection to the hallways instantaneous and provides a peek of the stunning views. We continued the warm but neutral color scheme from the halls and upgraded all finishes including new wood flooring and high-quality LED lighting. Full height built in bookshelves house the buildings now curated book collection while other custom cabinets hide kids’ games and other items available for resident use. New furniture is limited as the space is small but offers flexibility for a few smaller groups to gather or a larger group for a party. We added a bathroom in an otherwise awkward and unusable corner of the space which is a major convenience for residents who can also rent out the Solarium for private functions.