1185 Park Avenue

Guard Booth

1185 Park, the Grand Dame of Park Avenue had been allowed to install two guard booths for temporary use in the 1950's, adding enhanced security in response to threats associated with the Rosenberg trial, as the presiding Judge Irving Kaufman was a resident. The need for security booth for 1185 and the neighborhood has continued for over 60 years and what was temporary needed to become permanent.

We were asked to replace the dilapidated existing wood guard booths with guardhouses that are had resilient finishes, provided adequate visibility, climate control, and stylistically in-keeping with the Landmarked building. Seemingly a small project, it was not, requiring full review by the Community Board and the Board of the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

The booths had to be designed to respond to their stately setting, a gothic brick and terracotta beaux arts structure with a drive through oval interior courtyard, only two of which remain in Manhattan. After numerous design studies, it was determined that the oval shape for the booths would best open to the existing grand structure and echo the oval plan of the garden. The minimalist design both complements the existing period piece and minimizes the intervention.