Master Planning

Why not just jump right into designing the lobby? Or the Hallways? Maybe the Fitness Center? Is there money available to complete these projects? Is there a need for the renovations? Is there another major capital improvement in the pipeline that affects the building's systems or façade? Has someone developed a master plan?  We can.

We work with management, the board directors and your consultants to ensure all of the building's projects are phased appropriately. Maybe there is a strong desire among residents to update the lobby. We can do that, but we also know that project may need to be put on hold while your exterior engineer completes a major FISP restoration of the façade. We can help you prioritize your projects based upon need, cost, and benefit to the residents.

By managing your consultants and conducting a through existing conditions investigation, along with developing a budget, we can help you plan and prioritize your building's major capital improvements.

We understand that building operations are a living thing and that emergencies and other priorities can arise. We take this into account when it occurs and make relative adjustments to your overall plan in order to address the most current needs. One of the greatest benefits of having an established master plan is that you have a living road map to the future.

We are not only designers; we are also planners. We will be there for you to develop a master plan for the building and work with your consultants to get projects built.


Gathering the right data is critical to ensure the right Master Plan for your building. This means learning about your residents and the needs and wishes of the Building. Some buildings, depending upon the size, have contracted with market research companies to survey all residents. We can effectively take this information and run with it. We also can interview selected board members, management and residents in order to help in our understanding of overall needs. This part of the process also means careful documentation of existing conditions, status of building electrical, mechanical, elevator, structural and plumbing systems and obstructions in the areas being considered for future work. It also means understanding our latest Certification of Occupancy to determine if it will need to be amended, and all accessibility requirements met.


Only when we have substantiated the background information can we begin to explore options through layout schemes, a code review and budget implications with a contractor, in order to provide you with viable options, including suggested pros and cons, as well as possible phasing of the work. This will help you to make informed decisions.

Consultant Coordination

Most Master Planning involves more than just architecture. We work with consulting exterior façade, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural and elevator engineers that are familiar with your building and our process to ensure the plans developed are mindful of your building's systems.