Whether it is your apartment, a building’s lobby, hallways, or amenities, our design approach is based on hearing your story. Each client’s story is their own, and requires a defining vision that is unique and one of a kind.  We consider your needs, your dreams, budget, and project conditions, all of which frees us to envision a solution.

We are experts at the transformation of dated, worn out conditions and turning those into beautiful, useful, and value-added property for you. We work with you to define your personality or your building’s identity, so that the project responds directly to those who use it and the history of the place itself.

We begin by listening to your priorities and translating them into design options. These options are based in our knowledge of code and how the design may be impacted by existing mechanical, plumbing, structural, or electrical systems. Our designs explore current and developing materials, fixtures, and technologies too, leaving you with a custom modern space. In addition, ECA’s designs are responsive to environmental concerns. We are sensitive to cost and will work with you to maximize your budget. Through mood boards, and other presentation materials we design and define a concept, style, and pallet that caters to your interests.  Finally, through a blend of traditional and contemporary presentation technology, we work with you to finalize the design.

We like to make sure our clients understand the value of our service, so if you have any questions about our process, don’t hesitate to ask.  No matter the size, scale, or program, we give our best performance as we collaborate with you.

Existing Conditions Survey

Gathering the right information to start a project is critical to ensure our design process is successful.  This means learning about you, your needs, and your wishes. It also means making careful documentation surrounding the specific dimensions and building components. With this, we begin to understand the structure, its aesthetics, its limitations, agency requirements and much more.

Planning & Design

We phase the design process from start to finish. We begin with a mood board and some initial concepts. Then, we refine these options based upon your input, adding greater detail. These design ideas are then tested with a budget to ensure that you agree with the design intent and cost.

3D Visualization

Plans and elevations alone can be challenging to use in understanding the full depth and feel of the space.  So, we include 3D visualization in our services. Images may be black and white or high-resolution color-renderings, based upon your budget, the scale, and type of project.

Materials Selection

Our architects and interior designers stay up to date with the latest finishes, lighting, appliance selection, and furniture markets.  Our knowledge and vendor connections are comprehensive, so you can rest assured knowing that the products we recommend are the best for you and your project. We not only consider the best aesthetic choices; we look at durability and value as well.

Construction Documents

For projects large and small, clear drawings are critical to the contractor’s bidding and implementation of the work and to assuring a smooth filing process with City agencies. This clarity directly impacts time and budget. Our services include filing with governing agencies and managing bidding and negotiation.

Construction Observation

This is one of the most overlooked, but most important phases. We enlarge our team to include the selected contractor, a key player.  Observation of the demolition and construction of your project is highly recommended, and in fact is required if your project needs to be filed with the City.  We typically recommend visits as required to ensure that we address ongoing construction issues in a proactive and timely fashion. Trust, teamwork, open communication is so important and can further improve the outcome.