Alteration Reviews

In the late 1990s we started reviewing apartment alterations on behalf of co-ops and condos as a response to seeing the underbelly of our own design projects. We witnessed how prior renovations had compromised fire ratings of structural members, incorrectly connected HVAC ductwork, holes through rated walls and slabs without repair and many other compromised constructions. We now work in over 200 residential buildings including 15 CPW, The Pierre, 998 Fifth, 778 Park, 520 Park, 432 Park and so many more working to protect our City's finest.

The alteration review process is simply to protect residential buildings, owners who are renovating and their neighbors. Our review services take a proactive team approach to preserving and improving the quality of the entire building. Each renovation can improve the quality and safety of the whole.

Keeping property management informed and educated is our best practice. We understand that there is risk in any building alteration, so we partner with our cooperatives and condominiums to manage that risk. We recognize each building has character and we're here to keep it.

As a Board Director or Property manager, how do you define success? We define it by partnering with you to oversee that building's systems are running smoothly and effectively. We will be there for you to help your residents renovate to get the result they are looking for while not jeopardizing neighbor relations, building systems, or its structure.

Pre-Construction Review

Designs are submitted to us in the form of a scope of work and/or a set of drawings and specifications. We review these and on larger more complicated proposals we bring in our engineering consultants. We review the design as it may impact building systems and overall safety. We comment regarding the minimum standards created by Code and elaborate based on specific building quality standards that go beyond agency requirements.

Construction Process

Every project warrants some oversight, be it from your Resident Manager or your Professional consultants. When requested by the building we visit apartment renovations, minimally at milestones, to make observations and prepare field reports on behalf of the Board of Directors. The goal is to ensure the construction is done well, systems restored, safety maintained, and that there are no significant deviations from the approved project.

Select Client List

Of the over 200 buildings we represent, the following is a partial list of some of the more prominent properties.

• The Pierre
• River House
• 50 West Street
• 15 Central Park West
• 40 Bond Street
• 50 United Nations Plaza
• 173-176 Perry Street
• 520 Park Avenue
• 432 Park Avenue
• The Baccarat
• One Rockefeller Park
• One Beacon Court
• 200 11th Avenue