983 Park Avenue

Lobby Renovation

983 Park Avenue’s lobby had not been renovated in decades. This classical lobby with yellowed finishes had all the signs of piecemeal renovations that lead to ad hoc appearance. An out of place vestibule decorated with Japanese screens, an oversized doorman station, mismatched furniture and an overworked air conditioning system all pointed to the need of a major overhaul.

The Building engaged ECA to update the aesthetic, bringing the 1927 Schwartz and Gross designed lobby into the 21st Century while respecting the architecture of the period. The goal was to lighten up what was a dark lobby and to address functional issues related to the location of the concierge desk, emergency egress, and issues with the mechanical system.  The design goal was to tone down the heavy-handed traditionalism moving to a more transitional atmosphere that is warmer, brighter and of a more current character.

ECA addressed the darkness by adding new LED ceiling fixtures and sconces, restoring the original vestibule glass transom and adding exterior rated lighting at the two decorative glass windows. ECA toned down the gilded detailing & refinished the wall panels in Venetian plaster as a neutral gray with a hint of green to acknowledge the terrazzo floor. ECA swapped the location of the doorman desk and egress stair door, while creating a storage room adjacent to the new desk location. The lighting and furnishings package enhance the design goals.