785 Fifth Avenue

Lobby Renovation

The existing 1960’s dark walnut lobby could no longer function properly and was greatly in need of an upgrade to provide an enhanced feeling of welcome and elegance. The Board’s initial premise was to complete a major refresh while retaining much of the original lobby’s character, but after an initial round of design, the scope quickly shifted to a more substantial re-imagination of the building’s entrance and to address functional needs.

ECA was tasked to transform the residential entrance and lobby into a contemporary and timeless space which enhanced resident’s experience, building in security and functionality. During the project’s design phase, ECA worked with one of the resident’s Interior Designers, Sam Robin Design (SRD).  ECA followed much of SRD’s design providing detailing and completing the remaining phases of the project.

The space was lightened by using an Avario limestone on the floors and walls, along with a natural dyed Spessart Rift cut White Oak for the wall paneling. When entering the building you sense the subtle layered space.  An extended oak portal between the vestibule and main lobby frames a new limestone concierge desk, oak wrapped columns with darkened bronze light slits, and a living green wall. The lobby has new architectural furniture, entry doors, doorman station, new accessible ceilings, full lighting package with battery backup, and passenger elevator cabs with matching finishes.