200 East 27th Street

Built in 1965, the Victoria House hadn't undergone significant entrance renovations since its construction. When tasked with redesigning and revitalizing the entrance, it was evident that the existing space, particularly the lobby, was displaying signs of aging. The primary concern, shared with many lobbies, was the inadequacy of package storage and overflow space, necessitating a comprehensive reevaluation.

ECA was commissioned to enhance the lobby's functionality, addressing issues such as package storage and overflow while upgrading essential systems like HVAC. The aim was to infuse a contemporary and timeless feel into the entrance through new lighting and finishes. Additionally, the goal was to optimize the doorman's efficiency by relieving them of routine door-related tasks.

Our team strategically reconfigured the lobby's footprint, introducing an L-shaped package storage closet to maximize space efficiency without compromising the grandeur of the area. This delicate balancing act was meticulously curated to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. Collaborating with USPS, we seamlessly replaced outdated mailboxes. The entry doors were upgraded to automatic brass sliders, providing the doorman greater flexibility.

The project included the installation of a new HVAC system and a compact doorman station that seamlessly integrated with the lobby's new finishes. Lighting, controlled by a system adjustable for different times of the day and set to an automatic clock, added the finishing touch. The collective efforts have significantly enhanced the property's value for its shareholders, ensuring lasting benefits for years to come.