1095 Park Avenue

Fitness Center

1095 Park is beautiful Schwartz & Gross building constructed in 1930 and, like most apartment houses built in this era, it lacked amenity spaces. In the late '90s they created a small fitness center in what was an old ironing room in the cellar. Over time the demand for the gym equipment became overwhelming. Coupled with the growing demand from current residents and prospective shareholders it became clear that the space needed to double in size.

Our office worked closely with the Board and the building's equipment consultant, Gym Source, in developing an ideal layout for this space. We took what was a railroad layout gym into a dynamic experience.

Many residential fitness centers, including others our firm has designed, take design queues from the historic period the building was developed. Through our recent analysis of market trends, it became clear this methodology was not appropriate for fitness spaces. Fitness spaces trended more contemporary and commercial. This is what we gave 1095 Park.  We started with a master plan for the Cellar to re-allocate storage and functional spaces to allow for the expansion. In designing the fitness center, we were free to explore a modern vocabulary and with a tight budget conceive a vibrant, active space.