301 East 63rd Street

New Desk

As part of the lobby renovation the Building wished to create a modern concierge station to replace the dated desk off the vestibule. The original station was not near the intercom causing the staff to be inefficient. This needed to be remedied.

We were tasked with transforming the lobby with a focus on the staff's workflow at the entrance of the building. The new concierge station needed to be enlarged for all the required security and elevator systems while being relocated adjacent to the entry storefront where the existing intercom panel was located.

We coordinated a new the storefront which relocated the doors to allowed for the necessary interior reconfiguration of the lobby to relocate the desk to the existing intercom panel. The anigre wood and limestone create a visual warmth and tied in with the exterior and full lobby renovation. The detailing is crisp, the finishes sparkle, and the space is dynamic.