1 5th Avenue

Mezzanine Renovation

One Fifth with its gothic art deco style acts as a beacon on Fifth Avenue. Its strong massing and elegant detailing are very impressive; however, the entry sequence and interiors had been compromised over the years with the lobby's mezzanine level obstructed from site with solid infill walls between the columns. It was time to restore the lobby's beauty, opening the mezzanine to infuse light and provide a flexible amenity space.

What was previously an office, meeting room and storage became an open Building amenity space with kitchenette.

We transformed the mezzanine so it could be used as a multipurpose room to be rented by the cooperative's residents. Removing the infill walls between the columns, we replaced them with acoustical tempered glass that allowed for a visual connection to the lobby below and Fifth Avenue. Original detail was restored and enhanced. Privacy was achieved with black out shades around the perimeter of the mezzanine.