40 East 61st Street

Lobby Renovation

This 1930's Deco building was converted from a hospital to a condominium in the 1980's. The lobby which was renovated at the same time was ponderous and dark, incorporating heavy horizontal detailing and cheap glitzy brass banding. To put it lightly, it was ugly.

On a light budget and a new set of owners our office was asked to renovate a dowdy lobby. In our interview we were asked why we have so many styles and we told them that our process is client specific—we observe the whole building and let it influence the renovation's character, function and aesthetic goals—which resonated with the Board.

Our goal was to re-establish the grandeur of the main space. We created a domed ceiling, which houses a bold, breath-taking pendant fixture. The scalloped plaster moulding, mirror treatment and floor design reaffirm the Deco style. The color palate of silver, bronze, limestone and ebonized mahogany also enhance the Deco ambiance; timeless and elegance.