Gut Renovation

Our client loved Quogue, its small scale and friendliness and one of them had grown up summering in a family barn. When this carriage house became available they did not hesitate. For a young couple this was a tall order, so we worked over the years, phasing each step.

This 1907 carriage house had been abandoned and never lived in. Six previous owners had failed to convert it into a home, given its massive scale and lack of access to daylight.

This project required a tight team and creative financing—we had that thanks to our client who had an MBA. We were young and excited—challenges became assets. Light was our major goal and between the new clearstory and large bay windows we had daylight on our side. Our next goal was to save as much of the 2" thick wood siding as possible as previous owners had removed large expanses for inappropriate sliding glass doors, so the new walls were wainscot only.