100 Riverside Drive

Hallway Renovation

100 Riverside Drive, a grand Art deco building located in the Upper West Side is both regal and commanding. The existing hallways were dark, finishes outdated and overall aesthetic felt generic and disconnected from the building's exterior and Lobby. Our goal was to update the halls with more durable finishes while staying within budget and creating a narrative through the building by drawing from the lobby which is predominately grey stone with accents of absolute black. We brightened the halls with new custom LED ceiling fixtures with integrated emergency battery backup. A vinyl textured wallcovering in a subtle grey plays against a lively but monochromatic solution dyed nylon carpet. We maintained and updated the decorative stencil on the elevator doors to better work with our new palette. The dark doors contrast nicely against the light wallcovering while complimenting the carpet. The existing crown molding was repaired and repainted, the existing saddles polished and we refinished the wood shelf to better fit within our new color scheme.