Naren Vangamudi

Project Manager, BIM

Naren has been with ECA since 2010 and worked extensively on 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling), producing drawings to show various schedules, analysis, space planning. As a Job Captain, he is directly involved with Project Managers and Principals from the initial Design phases thru Construction drawings and Project Management, which involves visiting job sites to monitor construction in-progress.

Naren is skilled in 3D visualizations and graphic software to create design presentations for ECA.

Before joining ECA, Naren is a registered Architect in India where he extensively worked on Commercial and Residential projects before immigrating to USA to pursue his Master’s in Urban Design.

He is a BIM purist. Believes in strict standards and efficient drafting methodology that reduces errors, better planning and swift execution of projects at every phase. Naren has both, the experience and the wisdom to choose the best tools for the completion of a project within the stipulated time and budget. He is level-headed and fun to work with.