Maneswar Cheemalapati

Senior Associate

Maneswar joined ECA in 2002, after having previously worked in offices in Philadelphia for a number of years, and attending the Southern California Institute of Architecture for graduate studies.

For nearly two decades he has proven himself to be a leader, an initiator, and problem solver, who brings thoroughness and an inventive mind to the office. He is responsible for various types of technical matters at the office.

Maneswar maintains a good understanding of building construction technologies and systems, and works collaboratively with engineers to develop more comprehensive solutions. He mentors the office staff, to advance their knowledge, judgement, and problem solving skills.

Maneswar is a talented and innovative designer, and has previously taught courses at both Parsons School of Design, and Pratt Institute. He is adept at many things, and continues to develop his knowledge in all areas on a continual basis.