Louis Lipson, AIA

Principal | Architect

Lou joined Ethelind, Jennifer, and the team at ECA a decade ago, working closely with the team as a licensed architect, advocate, and expert for Cooperatives and Condominium Boards ever since. He has extensive experience in NYC's smallest and largest residential alterations and knows how to build a strong team of experts. He uses his knowledge and expertise to ensure the office’s staff remains ideally suited to serve our clients.

Mr. Lipson has earned a positive reputation for being a level-headed, knowledgeable, and honest person to work with on any project. As a graduate of The Cooper Union Irwin School of Architecture, Lou is a creative yet technical architect with a passion for detail. He is a licensed architect in New York and an active member of the AIA. He also served as a committee member of the Department of Building’s Construction Code Revision Cycle from 2017 until 2021.

He puts forth his best effort in every project and works feverishly to ensure clients’ goals are implemented in the most practical and sophisticated manner. He knows where his strengths lie and will build the right team for each project, creating the perfect balance. Mindful of budget and schedule, he pushes each project to achieve its best.