One Fifth, with its Gothic Art Deco style, acts as a beacon on Fifth Avenue. Its strong massing and elegant detailing are very impressive; however, the entry sequence and interiors had been compromised over the years with the lobby’s mezzanine level obstructed from site with solid infill walls between the carved wood columns. It was time to restore the lobby’s beauty, opening the mezzanine to infuse light and provide a flexible amenity space.

What was previously an office, meeting room and storage was to become an open Building amenity space with kitchenette.

ECA transformed the mezzanine so it could be used as a multipurpose room to be rented by the Co-Op’s residents. Removing the infill walls between the columns, ECA replaced them with acoustical tempered glass that allowed for a visual connection from the lobby below to Fifth Avenue. Original detailing was restored and enhanced. Privacy was achieved with black out shades around the perimeter of the mezzanine.

photography: ©2019 Amy Barkow Photo

Mezzanine Renovation

1 5th Avenue

1095 Park is beautiful Schwartz & Gross building constructed in 1930 and, like most apartment houses built in that era, it lacked amenity spaces. In the late '90s they created a small fitness center in what was an old ironing room in the Cellar. Over time the demand for the gym equipment became overwhelming. Coupled with the growing demand from current residents and prospective shareholders it became clear that the space needed to double in size.

ECA worked closely with the Board and the building’s equipment consultant, Gym Source, in developing an ideal layout for this space. ECA converted what was a railroad layout gym into a dynamic experience.

Although located in a Pre-War structure with a traditional lobby, the Cellar was minimal and lean. It was this essence ECA adopted for the design. ECA started with a master plan for the Cellar to re-allocate storage and functional spaces to allow for the expansion. Although there was a  tight budget, ECA created a vibrant, sleek,  active space.

photography: ©2019 Amy Barkow Photo

Fitness Center

1095 Park Avenue

After renovating the hallways, ECA continued its strong relationship with the building to provide it with a needed package room.

With modern day shopping large storage space for boxes and refrigeration was needed, especially when there are over 650 apartments to serve.

ECA took advantage of underutilized lobby space and back-of-house areas to create a large storage space for packages, dry cleaning, etc.  Access to this room was provided from the concierge desk, the lobby and the service entrance.  Multiple points of engagement at a central location allows for flexibility for the residents and control by the staff.

photography: ©2019 Amy Barkow Photo

Package Room

1 Lincoln Plaza

1185Park, the Grand Dame of Park Avenue had been allowed to install two guard booths for temporary use in the 1950’s, adding enhanced security in response to threats associated with the Rosenberg trial. The need for the security booth for 1185 and the neighborhood has continued for over 60 years and what was temporary needed to become permanent.

ECA was asked to replace the dilapidated existing wood guard booths with guardhouses that had resilient finishes, provided adequate visibility, climate control, and stylistically in-keeping with the Landmarked building. Seemingly a small project, it was not, requiring full review by the Community Board and theBoard of the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

The booths had to be designed to respond to their stately setting, a gothic brick and terra-cotta Beaux Arts structure with a drive through oval interior courtyard, one of the only two of which remain in Manhattan.  After numerous design studies, it was determined that the oval shape for the booths would best open to the existing grand structure and echo the oval plan of the garden. The minimalist design both complements the existing period piece and minimizes the intervention.

Guard Booth

1185 Park Avenue