Lawrence joined ECA in 2013 to lead the design of 7 Park Avenue Penthouse, which was completed in late 2016.


Since graduating from Yale in 1984, Lawrence has pursued a career that focused primarily on residential design andarchitecture. While working in collaboration with such firms known for their distinctive residential design as The Office of Thierry Despont, Ferguson, Shamamian, and Rattner, and Pierce Allen, he has participated in the creation of some of the most noteworthy private residences during the last three decades, including homes  for Bill and Melinda Gates in Medina, WA, the Emir of Qatar in Bel Air and London,  Ingebord and Ira Rennert in Sagaponack, Courtney Sale and Steve Ross on Park Avenue, and Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Tribeca. It is during the execution of these projects that he developed his unique expertise in Classical, Art Deco, and Modernist design. He has also extended his experience into hospitality design, where his background in high-end residential design informed the design of such projects such as the Paiza (High-Roller’s) Club at the Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore, the Yanq iLake Boutique Hotels, north of Beijing, and the Elleven Restaurant in Toronto.


He also serves as a consultant representing a number of prominent residential buildings in New York City, where his oversight of alterations is guided by adherence to NYC Building Codes and Building Rules but is tempered by his understanding and appreciation of the design process.

Lawrence Shen

Senior Designer