Irving joined eca in 2008 and is a Senior Associate responsible for overseeing the consultancy side of the office.

He quickly develops solutions to get from point A to point B, a skill he acquired in retail design at the start of his career after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University. Irving is now a Certified Passive House Designer. His timely interest in high-performance buildings comes from many years working with property managers and maintenance staff, and their commitment to future planning.

His calm composure and concentrated focus give him the ability to communicate selectively and purposefully to his team. Aware of all facets of planning, his highest distinct value is in working to avoid unwelcome surprises while prompting deliberate action.

Irving is at his best when he delivers on-target planning. Every possible idea is considered and measured before deciding on a plan suitable for implementation. This provides a sense of confidence in the design process. Irving is the perfect solution for on-target planning that will lead to trusting relationships and successful outcomes.

Irving Yee, AIA CPHD

Senior Associate