101 Central Park West is indeed the grand dame of the Upper West Side.  This pre-war lobby stretching the full block was relentlessly classical and overly colorful, distracting the richness of the space.

The Building engaged ECA to update the aesthetic, wanting to lighten up what was a dark lobby and to address functional issues related to the location of the concierge desk.  The design goal was to tone down the heavy-handed traditionalism moving to a more transitional atmosphere that is warmer, brighter and of a more current character.  In addition, as a full block the lobby halls were long and lacked definition.

ECA addressed the flat ceiling syndrome by raising the central entry to create a lifted cove with LED lighting and punctuated the north and south lobbies with ceiling fixtures.  eca relocated the concierge desk to the south side of the Vestibule and enlarged it so that it can handle the security/communications properly serving the shareholders while maintaining the look of a piece of furniture. The lighting and furnishings package are transitional in style.

photography: ©2019 Amy Barkow Photo

Lobby Renovation

101 Central Park West

This 1960’s lobby remained unchanged, could no longer function properly and was greatly in need of an upgrade to provide an enhanced feeling of welcome and elegance. The entrance was tight with no back-up storage or modern communication systems. The main lobby was pushed back and off to the side, blocking any sense of arrival.

ECA was tasked to transform their residential entrance and lobby into a contemporary and timeless space which enhanced resident’s experience and building security and functionality.

ECA took advantage of the building’s newly re-captured space to the west and hung ceiling space and a challenging floor level change to create a visually open, elegant and well-crafted entry sequence. Together with a seamlessly integrated state-of-the-art security, package delivery and HVAC systems the Board of Directors have enhanced the value of the property for its Shareholders for years to come.

photography: ©2019 Amy Barkow Photo

Lobby Renovation

167 East 67th Street

This 1962 cooperative’s spacious lobby was crushed by a clogged ten-foot square entry vestibule housing doormen and a dated intercom system. The space was unchanged since the building was constructed and was a functional disaster.

ECA worked closely with the Board to transform their entrance and lobby to enhance their contemporary space in keeping with the period and style of the building.

We removed the vestibule and designed a new concierge station to the north, allowing the Icarus Fountain that is on axis with the entry to re-establish its prominence. We matched the existing finishes, restored those that remained, and provided a new AC system.  This transformation was in conjunction with anew storefront and cantilevered bronze canopy.

Lobby Renovation

60 Sutton Place

Lennox House is an impressive structure from the exterior.  The massing is elegant, and the street facades are nicely detailed, however the interior was dark, dated and the materials, (including wall-to-wall carpeting),  and its systems were in much need of a thorough upgrade.

After many years of good management, the Co-Op had the funds to re-claim a small commercial space.  ECA was hired to combine this space with their lobby in a full gut renovation.

ECA took this opportunity to open the lobby to southern exposure; providing a welcoming view of the concierge and reorganizing service areas for increased efficiency.  The surrounding transitional designvocabulary incorporates a classically-modern use of materials; including structural piers clad in a green Costa Esmeralda marble, travertine flooring, and cherry panelling.

Lobby Renovation

301 East 78th Street

This 1930’s Deco building was converted from a hospital to a condominium in the 1980’s. The lobby which was renovated at the same time was ponderous and dark, incorporating heavy horizontal detailing and cheap glitzy brass banding. To put it lightly, it was ugly and the condo wanted a change.

In our interview we were asked why we have so many styles and we told them that our process is client specific- we observe the whole building and let it influence the renovation’s character, function and aesthetic goals, which resonated with the Board.

ECA's goal was to re-establish the grandeur of the main space. ECA created a domed ceiling, which houses a bold, breath-taking pendant fixture. The scalloped plaster crown, mirror treatment and floor design reaffirm the Deco style. The color palate of silver, bronze, limestone and ebonized mahogany also enhance the Deco ambiance; timeless and elegant.

Lobby Renovation

40 East 61st Street