Hallway Renovation

1 Lincoln Plaza

With a newly upscaled Lobby and Entry it was theBuilding’s goal to create a strong sense of continuity from the point of entry up to the hallways.

Transforming the Building’s dark and dingy 1970’s hallways into amid-century modern masterpiece that draws language from the Lobby and Lincoln Center.

ECA's design elaborated on the timeless travertine finishes and elegant detailing from the lobby and infused a lightness and sparkle by incorporating large mirrors within the travertine panelization. ECA created a new tray ceiling with gold leaf paper and selected LED light fixtures that both support the design and save energy.

Hallway Renovation

8 East 83rd Street

This 1963 cooperative had not completed a major capital improvement on any of their interior spaces or façade.  The hallway renovation was the first phase of a larger capital improvement blitz.

Transform the dark and dingy hallways into spaces with a more contemporary vocabulary and a soft gray color pallet.

ECA increased the lumen level in the hallways with handsome ceiling fixtures and designed a stylishly contemporary light gray palette, with a contrasting finish at the elevator recess. New stepped base and door casing give the halls an added richness and a smart residential quality.

photography: ©2019 Amy Barkow Photo

Millennium Tower

Hallway Renovation

Millennium Tower is a modern, sleek, elegant address. However, after you got off of the elevator onto one of the hallways, there was a complete disconnect; a dark and dingy appearance and traditional design elements.

ECA's goal was to transform these dated halls, developing an overall brighter, more modern appearance, creating an elegant ambiance and allowing for better maintenance.

ECA's hallway design elaborated on the elegance of theLobby, continuing the finishes and detailing that draw inspiration from the best common areas in the building.  These include pommele sapele mahogany panelization with sleek Andes Black granite shelf, modern bronze finishes, lighting and gold block wall paper at the wall projections.

The Bromley

Hallway Renovation

The Bromley is a substantial building located in the heart of the Upper West Side. The hallway renovation is the first phase of our master plan project that will also include renovation was the lobby and amenity spaces on the 2nd Floor. We started with the hallways as this directly impacts all the owners and will get them excited about the other projects on deck.

The existing halls were long and dark. In addition to new, more durable finishes, the Building wished to brighten and update these dim canyons.

ECA modulated the halls creating a system of architectural bays. ECA re-built the raised elevator hall ceiling to elevate the feel of the arrival space. New ceiling beams and matching carpet breaks were added throughout the length of the halls to help break up the distance and punctuate the arrival at each apartment door.