The Park Laurel is a premier 40 story condominium built in 1999 above the landmarked Neo-Romanesque limestone West Side YMCA located within the Central Park West Historic District. From its inception, it lacked a residential canopy.

What started as a desire to provide a canopy developed into a more public marquee project, a beacon for the street. Given its location, it had to be approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission requiring full Board review.

ECA determined that a canopy was not possible due to the entrance’s proximity to a tree and streetlight, and proposed a marquee following the tradition of similar structures found on residential buildings throughout the Upper West Side. ECA provided both an understated and timeless design to complement the existing façade and maintain its integrity.

photography: ©2019 Amy Barkow Photo

New Marquee

15 West 63rd Street

This 1961 Co-Op’s sandstone and red granite exterior was original, and the sandstone had deteriorated. Having completed the Lobby renovation, the first-floor façade was more of an eyesore and in need of an upgrade.

ECA was commissioned to reimagine the Building’s entry façade relating it back to the newly renovated Lobby, improving curb appeal and yes, this includes resolving the waterproofing issues.

ECA utilized simple finishes drawn from within and designed a balanced, elegant façade. A new service entrance was made for the package room as well as new entry doors to the Lobby. New grilles covering side niches were created to enhance the entry sequence off the street.

photography: ©2019 Amy Barkow Photo

Façade Renovation

167 East 67th Street

The original black granite and bronze façade of these 1950s mirror-image buildings was removed nearly 20 years ago, and a paneled wood front with lampposts and very traditional detailing installed, all of which deteriorated. They needed replacement.

The Building commissioned ECA to design new facades, and during the process of a comprehensive entry design, we recommended addressing accessibility.

ECA took advantage of underutilized space from the façade setbacks to allow for new entry ramps to accommodate a broader range of residents: including those with strollers. The existing façade was replaced with crisply detailed limestone panels and cast-bronze decorative banding, a new bronze storefront, new wall-mounted lighting and new entry canopies enhance the building’s post-war vocabulary.

Entry & Façade Renovation

Royal York