815 Park Avenue

Elevator Cabs

This Park Avenue Pre-War’s elevators were detailed in a heavy classical deco style and the building wanted to capture the clean traditional style of the lobby in their new cabs. Coupled with new city regulations the Building recognized that a total overhaul was necessary.

ECA's goal was to design cabs that speak to the lobby both in design and finishes.

ECA listened carefully to the Board and observed the aesthetic of the lobby in developing the design. ECA created an elegant, cleanly detailed cabs with burled mahogany inset panels and a stone floor recalling the lobby.

1050 Fifth Avenue

Elevator Cabs

The tiny cabs were redone 15-20 years ago incorporating heavy wood finishes. Over the years the repairs could not be sustained. In the last year or so, 1050 had experienced numerous outages that inconvenienced shareholders and the building staff. Coupled with new city regulations the Building recognized that a total overhaul was necessary.

ECA's goal was to design contemporary elevator cabs that drew inspiration from the lobby, maximizing the space within the cab, and providing elegant, durable finishes.

ECA created cabs that felt larger and took advantage of new full height porcelain materials, matching the marble in the lobby. The panels are incased in bronze detailing that are durable and easy to maintain.

photography: ©2019 Amy Barkow Photo

29, 35, 45 East 9th Street

Elevator Cabs

Following a Pre-War lobby renovation of this lovely set of three duplex buildings we worked with the Board to restore the Neo-Classical interiors followed by the elevator cab upgrades.

The existing cabs had undergone a Post-War renovation and were the antithesis of the Pre-War elegance of the lobbies. The change was to develop handsome cabs that related to these elegant buildings.

ECA selected rich, dark mahogany and satin bronze finishes integrating them together in beautifully executed paneling on the walls and ceilings of the elevators. The cabs are saturated, rich and refined in keeping with the lobby.

301 East 63rd Street

Elevator Cabs

To complete the transformation of their lobby, the Board embarked on upgrades to the elevator cabs. Their dated pink plastic laminate interiors would have clashed sharply with their new lobby.

Aesthetic concerns, a tight budget and maintenance issues drove the design.

ECA tweaked the simple lobby panel detailing to work within their budget, used high quality wood grain laminate to address maintenance and budgetary concerns and added the same smoky mirrors and creamy faux limestone floors of the Lobby to make the cabs seem larger, warmer and at peace with the lobby