A poorly designed concierge podium did not properly serve the 90 shareholders; it was functionally outdated. The building was upgrading their elevators and security system and needed to integrate this into a larger concierge station.

ECA was brought on to develop of a new concierge station, large to house all the required security and elevator systems; a station that enhances the lobby.

ECA discovered a furred out area that allowed us to niche the concierge desk into the demising wall and external podium that could provide space for all of the new systems being implemented by 1050. These included a Lift-Net system to digitally control the elevators, manual controls for the elevators, an updated security system, BuildingLink and KeyLink systems.

photography: ©2019 Amy Barkow Photo

New Desk

1050 5th Avenue

301 East 63rd Street

New Desk

As part of the lobby renovation the Building wished to create a modern concierge station to replace the dated desk off the vestibule. The original station was not near the intercom causing the staff to be inefficient. This needed to be remedied.

ECA was tasked to transform the lobby with a focus on the staff’s workflow at the entrance of the building. The new concierge station needed to be enlarged for all the required security and elevator systems while being relocated adjacent to the entry storefront where the existing intercom panel was located.

We shifted the entry doors to allow for the necessary interior reconfiguration of the lobby to relocate the desk adjacent to the existing intercom panel. The Anigre wood and limestone create a visual warmth that tied in with the exterior and full lobby renovation. The detailing is crisp, the finishes sparkle, and the space is dynamic.

New Desk

As part of 101 Central Park West’s lobby renovation the Board of Directors recognized that the existing podium style desk was poorly placed, along to one of the elevator banks and extremely undersized for the needs of the building.

ECA was asked to provide a new desk, sized for all the building’s security, elevator and package needs while not compromising the lobby’s style or demanding proportions.

ECA developed a desk that reads like movable furniture and less like a built-in desk. It is located and sized so that the concierge has expansive visibility while not congesting the circulation through the lobby. Traditional finishes drawing from the building itself were incorporated to ensure it is in keeping with the spirit of 101.

photography: ©2019 Amy Barkow Photo

101 Central Park West
35 East 85th Street

New Desk

Given their budgetary concerns, this Board opted for a limited renovation of this spacious through block Lobby, maintaining existing marble walls and floors, but seeking improvements that would transform their residents’ experience and allow for better service.  Hence a new concierge desk.

ECA was tasked to design a new desk, sized for all the building’s security, elevator and package needs while keeping it within the same language of the lobby that received minor cosmetic changes.

ECA developed a desk that niched into the wall and faced directly across from the entry giving clear visibility for the staff. A new wood paneled wall with a stone and metal frame enhanced the lobby, expanding the existing visual language.

New Desk

Built in 1904 for Stuart Duncan, son of a prominent grocer & importer, this former Beaux-Arts mansion is now a 7-unit condo whose concierge station needed a major overhaul.  The building wanted a modernized desk that didn’t overpower the historic lobby which ECA also renovated.

In addition to meticulous restoration of original details, we adjusted the proportions of the entry vestibule ceiling & re-configured the concierge desk & package area to provide better service & security.

Modern enhancements, such as the leather paneled wall and concierge desk, complement existing materials. Aesthetic and accessibility upgrades included new free-standing mailbox cabinet and a new entry door system. The resulting renovation celebrates the original details while improving service and security, adding to building value.

3 East 75th Street